суббота, 12 февраля 2011 г.

Great movie and beautiful music

A serious face is not yet an indication of intellect. All stupid things in the world are being done with exactly that expression on face. Smile, gentlemen, smile!

The film became a fount of quotes for Russian people. For example: Oh Lord! Why do you have to kill a person to understand, he is alive?!

I am not afraid to look ridiculous. Not everyone can afford it.

- But I told the truth! - Hell with it, with the truth!

- But it's a fact! - No, this is not a fact. - This is not a fact? - No, this is not a fact. This is much more than that. It was right that way!

- And they said he's a smart man! - Well, people can say much more...

- Haven't you been dead? - I have.

I wish you would understand at last, that Munchhausen is famous not because he flew to the moon or because he didn't, but because he never lies!

If you're lucky to get a loving wife - you'll become a happy man. If you get a wench - you'll become a philosopher. Can't decide which is better...

And others.

Complete movie http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=514300290376545403#

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